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Post-Divorce Decree

A judgment for Dissolution of Marriage finalizes the divorce between couples, however, in situations where there was a significant property settlement, maintenance, custody or child support ordered, couples can find themselves back in court on enforcement or modification of agreed upon terms.

Property settlements

The person receiving property per a divorce decree has an absolute right to enforce the Judgment if the other party refuses to comply with the court order. Our law offices can take many remedies including A Petition for Rule to Show Cause to achieve enforcement. In situation where the non-compliant party is acting willfully, our office will take steps so that the con-complaint person pays all court costs and fee's associated with enforcement of the Divorce decree.


Whether you have been awarded maintenance or been ordered to pay maintenance, steps can be taken to enforce payment as well as to defer payment. Contact our office to discuss these options if maintenance was a part of your final divorce decree. Additionally, maintenance awards are contingent on the receiving parties new relationship status, let our attorney discuss possible options for you.


If there has been a significant change in circumstances, custody of your children can be modified. Our law office can guide you through these procedures to ensure the best outcome for both yourself and your children. Furthermore, changes in custody are closely linked to finances, therefore, it is important that proper attention is given to these matter once a significant change in circumstances occurs.

Child Support

In most cases, child support is linked directly to a percentage of the non-custodial parents income. Whether you are the payor or payee of child support, you have a right to increase or decrease child support payments as the paying parties income fluctuates. It is absolutely crucial that the court is made aware of any changes in the non-custodial parents income so that child support arrearages and fines as well as unnecessary court fees and costs are not incurred. Know your right, contact our law office to guide you through this process.


Adoption should serve the best interest of the minor child. Whether you are adopting or your parental rights are being terminated, proper legal representation is necessary to effectuate proper legal parentage through adoption.


When children are born outside of Marriage, a Parentage action can be brought to establish paternity, child support, custody and visitation. These procedure are very similar to a traditional divorce in that child support, custody and visitation are established. Our office can guide you through the legal procedures so that you and your child's best interests are protected.

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