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Our law office is dedicated to helping individuals eliminate debt and gain a financial fresh start through the bankruptcy process. Join us for a free consultation so that we may inform you of your right and eligibility to start fresh through bankruptcy.

Michael J. Worwag

Attorney at Law

Michael J. Worwag has been practicing bankruptcy law since 1998. In May, 1995 he graduated Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Summa Cum Laude. Read more »

Joanna Malysz

Attorney at Law

Joanna Malysz joined the Law Office of Michael J. Worwag as an associate attorney in 2009. After months of successful practice, Joanna became partner forming Worwag&Malysz, P.C. Read more »

Divorce and Family Law

When life takes a turn in the wrong direction and you are faced with divorce, enforcement of a Judgment or modification of a current arrangement, the Law Office of Worwag & Malysz P.C. can help protect your interests.


Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage, will force you to make some important and long lasting decisions. However, divorce does not need to be a lengthy and costly process. Often short marriages, nominal asset marriages or uncontested matters can be dissolved in a matter of weeks from initial consultation to final divorce decree also known as a Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage. In these instances, the process can be completed by the Law Office of Worwag & Malysz P.C. for a reasonable flat fee.

In the event that conflicts arise between the spouses, our attorneys will help protect your legal interest by:

  • seeking an equitable division of the marital property,
  • evaluating the potential for permanent or temporary maintenance awards,
  • advise you on the statutorily imposed or needs based child support obligations, and
  • advise you on your options for child custody by taking into account the best interest of the child.

Property Division

Property divisions in divorce are final. Many factors are considered when marital property is divided in a divorce. Courts seek a equitable division rather than an equal one. Our attorneys can help reach an equitable division by evaluating all property that may be considered marital such as:

  • all real property purchased or improved during the marriage,
  • all personal property acquired during the marriage,
  • personal injury awards,
  • retirement accounts, and
  • marital debt.

Child Support

Whether you are seeking to obtain or modify child support the laws main concern is the welfare of the child in question. Our attorneys can help you through the process of obtaining or modifying Child Support. Child support in Illinois is guided by 735 ILCS 5/505(a)(1).

Number of Children Percent of Supporting Party's Net Income
1 20%
2 28%
3 32%
4 40%
5 45%
6 or more 50%

Joanna Malysz, ESQ is the lead attorney at Worwag & Malysz PC handling family law matters. Contact our office so we may evaluate your case and advice you on the correct course of action in order to attain your goals.